Welcome to Suzhou Hantech Chemical Co.,Ltd!  

Hantech Chemical Co.,Ltd. is located in fine chemical zone of Yongqiao Economic Development Zone in Suzhou of Anhui Province. It enjoys convenient transportation condition and developed physical distribution, with G206 at east, provincial road 301 at south and Xuzhou Tongshan Economic and Development Zone at north.


Our company covers 57,575m2. The total investment is RMB 82 million Yuan. Main products are phosphorus trichloride (100,000 t/a), phosphorus oxychloride (20,000 t/a), phosphorous acid (20,000 t/a), hydrochloric acid (80,000 t/a). There are excellent research staff and management person. They are engaged in improvement of product quality and sound development of enterprise. We would like to serve wide customers sincerely relying on advanced technique, independent research and high-quality work team.

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