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hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid industrial standard: HG/T2778-1 996


Index (%)

total acidity(in HCL), %≥


iron(in Fe), mg/L ≤


sulfate (in SO4)≤


arsenic(As), mg/L ≤


ignition residue mg/L ≤


chloride (in CL), mg/L≤


Molecular formula: HCL
Molecular weight: 36.469
English name: hydrochloric acid
Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with pungent smell
Property: It is inorganic strong acid with sour taste; easily soluble in water; soluble in ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether; react with many metal, metallic oxide, alkaline and salt
Uses: Hydrochloric acid is important material in chemical industry. It is widely applied in chemical material, dyes, medical, food, dyeing, leather, sugar making and metallurgy industry. It is also used in regeneration of ion exchange resin, in electroplating and metal surface as cleaning agent.
Packing and storage: High-purity hydrochloric acid is packed with PVC drum, ceramic jar or dedicated tank car; keep it away from harmful substance.

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