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phosphorus oxychloride


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content, %




phosphorus trichloride content, %




boiling range (105-109°Cv/v)




Molecular formula: POCL3
Molecular weight: 153.37
English name: phosphorus oxychloride
CAS No.: 10025-87-3
Properties: It is colorless fuming liquid with pungent odor; relative density: 1.675; melting point:  1.2℃; boiling point: 105.1℃.
Uses: Widely applied in manufacturing of pesticide, medicine, dyes, phosphate and fire retardant; raw material of organophosphorus pesticide, herbicide and chlordimeform-hydrochloride; for manufacturing of plasticizer; dyes intermediate; chlorinating agent and catalyst of organic synthesis; uranium ore extraction agent
Packing:  Should be packed with dry plastic drum; it is top grade inorganic acidity corrosive substance; should be preserved in cool, ventilated and dry warehouse;

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